"Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma." Winston Churchill

Experience Russia the Tsar’s way


Cruise into the soul of Russia, which has inspired momentous historical accomplishments, brought forth acclaimed literature and music, and left the world’s largest nation with a sense of intrigue that captures the hearts of many who visit.
Your all-inclusive cruise will take place on board our boutique small ship, Scenic Tsar. Hailed as the first new ship to be registered in Russia in 25 years, Scenic Tsar offers spacious suites and staterooms with a maximum of 112 guests. The Scenic Tsar also boasts a level of luxury that would have delighted Russian nobility, with included local and international culinary delicacies, wine, beer and soft drinks (included with on board lunch and dinner), a doctor and a hair and beauty team.

Destinations to discover


Our 15 Day Imperial Jewels of Russia River Cruise invites you to intimately experience the vastness of the Volga, the elegance of the Neva, and the charm of the lakes, rivers and historical sites along the way.

Whether you embark in Moscow and sail to St. Petersburg, or choose to reverse the itinerary, you will have the same opportunity to discover some of Russia’s finest treasures. On the iconic Volga, considered Russia’s national river and the longest in Europe, you will pass the Gold Ring city of Uglich, where a grand citadel rests on the river banks. On Lake Onega you will approach Kizhi Island’s Church of Transfiguration, exhibiting its 22 wooden onion domes. And on the Neva, you will view the canals and grand architecture of St. Petersburg, also widely known as the ‘Venice of the North’.  

Cultural experiences


An all-inclusive cruise extends to the activities on shore, and in Russia, you can expect to indulge. From our exclusive Scenic Enrich experiences to our Scenic FreeChoice options, you will have the opportunity to comfortably explore Russia’s alluring history, art, architecture and way of life.
Our Russian Scenic Enrich program takes you behind the scenes of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Mandrogi. In the capital, we invite you on a guided tour of Moscow’s Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, where you will meet a cosmonaut and learn about the nation’s contribution to space exploration. Two enviable opportunities await you in St. Petersburg: a lunch at the wooden restaurant Podvorie and a private ballet performance at the Palace of Prince Vladimir. Also on the agenda is a visit to the museum village Mandrogi, where guests have the opportunity to examine intriguing architecture and sample local cuisine. 

Our Scenic FreeChoice activities feature seven options, taking you to cathedrals, palaces, gardens, galleries and museums. While in St. Petersburg, you may wish to select one of the three tours available at Peterhof Palace, a cultural marvel inspired by France’s Château de Versailles. You will also have the opportunity to visit St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the largest Russian Orthodox cathedral in St. Petersburg, and the Yusupov Palace, where Grigori Rasputin was murdered. Moscow’s activities are equally inviting and informing, featuring the highly regarded Tretyakov Gallery and the intriguing Museum of the Armed Forces. 
Cultural gems can be found around every road and rivulet in Russia and we encourage you to make the most of them. During your visit, ensure that your camera is on the ready for views of the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square, as well as key sites along the Moskva River on our Scenic Sundowner private sunset cruise.